Hemp seed oil is naturally high in vitamins, protein and essential fatty acids. Hemp oil is considered one of the most effective, organic moisturizer for your hair. If you desire healthier, thicker, and more luxurious hair, consider a hair care line with hemp seed oil.

Hemp seed oil has many benefits for your hair including:

  1. Conditions and softens- hemp seed oil helps maintain the natural texture of your hair, adds moisture to your hair and scalp, and prevents water loss.
  2. Hair growth stimulator- The fatty acids in hemp oil are omega 3, omega 6, and omega 9. These fatty acids can speed up hair growth.
  3. Strengthens: Hemp seed oil is 25% protein. This protein, along with the fatty acids and vitamin E, strengthen hair, repair cell damage and maintains moisture conditions.
  4. Prevents breakage: by moisturizing your hair and preventing water loss.
  5. Scalp conditioning: decreases itchiness, dryness and dandruff.
LOVE this hemp oil hair care line!